Assignment Type

Discussion board assignments

Your students will share a discussion board workspace where they can each post their own thoughts on a question or topic you assign and reply to their classmates’ posts. (You can also participate!)

Blog assignments

Your students will manage their own blogs, where they will write and post articles on a topic you suggest. They can also read their classmates’ blogs and comment on blog posts. (You can comment, too!)

Writing Assignments

Your students will submit a written assignment, and supporting documents if you call for them, for you to grade online. You can leave comments for each student and provide a score.

Assign to Connect

This bookmark sits in your browser, ready for you to assign web readings to your sections at the quick click of a button as you come across web sites of interest.

Web Activity

Provide various links for your students to visit, such as to a current event article, a scholarly essay, a web site that relates to course content or a video to watch before class.

Suggested Syllabus

Follow a pre-made syllabus (or use it as a base for your own syllabus) that was designed with the course learning objectives in mind.

My Assignments

An archive of all the assignment you’ve created. Reuse them as-is or use them as inspiration for future assignments!

Group Assignment

Create assignments for students to work on as a team.

File Attachment Assignment

Create a manually graded assignment that your students can respond to with an attached file (Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc.).

eBook assignments

These premade activities test your students’ knowledge of the assigned eBook readings.