Introducing: Connect Study Beta

You’re invited!
Connect Study Beta is our first step into the mobile world.

In this first phase, you’ll have what you need to study between classes, including a redesigned eBook and brand new features to help you plan for your semester and track you performance. We’re not able to offer everything we’d like just yet, but we wanted to make Connect Study available to all students as soon as we could.

We’d love for you to try it out and tell us what you think: Connect Study Beta.



Your class, at a glance.
It’s everything you need to study, all in one place. Whether you need to check in on updates and scores from your instructor, schedule time for work or office hours, or just see how you’re doing in your course, get to it right from your section home.



A reading experience designed exclusively for tablets.
All the features you expect, from media to search and bookmarks, accessible through your browser. Capture all of your notes and highlights in the Notebook and sync everything between Connect Study and Connect.



A whole new view into how you’re doing on your Connect assignments. Track your scores and performance on attempts over time to see if you’re improving, and see how your attempts compare to the class average.



Understand where you are, and how you got there.
Trends displays key statistics on any late assignments so you can adjust your study habits, and you’ll see a comprehensive look at how you’re performing on your assignments compared to your class.


Upcoming Assignments

Plan ahead.
Get the information you need in order to build study time into your schedule. Key assignment information like how many points it’s worth, what kind of assignment it is, and when it’s due, is all there and listed for you by month.

Here’s what we want to do next:

We’re excited to bring you these great features in the first phase, but there’s so much more we want to do.

For example, you’re not able to take or review your assignments yet. We know assignments are key for your Connect classes, so we’re taking some time to get them absolutely right.

We’re also working hard to get Connect Study optimized for even more devices in addition to the iOS and Samsung Galaxy devices. But Connect Study will still work well on many other tablets, so try it out: Connect Study Beta.


By kevin  |  October 12 2012
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The Connect Team

The Connect Team