New Tegrity Features for You and Your Students

We are excited to announce that you and your students are getting some new features in Tegrity lecture capture!

1. A New Interface for Enhanced Student Learning Experience!
Simple, contemporary, and gives students all the features they have enjoyed in the past: EZ navigation tools; state-of-the art search and search navigation; bookmarking and note-taking; printing and downloading. Faculty also have an improved user interface when managing their courses and content within a course.

2. Recording Transcript Downloading
You and your students can now view, print, and download transcripts from Tegrity recordings where captioning has been provided.

3. Easier Management of Course and Recording Tasks
Three easy-to-access tabs enable:
a. Sorting: Sort by date, title, and duration.
b. Course Tasks: Easily decide if you want to upload additional course content, videos, syllabi, or Connect assignment links; start a test for students; publish podcasts, etc.
c. Recording Tasks: Edit, move, copy, share, download, or request captioning for multiple recordings with a single click. All the functions you have done in the past remain; it is just easier to find and execute!

4. New Print Layouts
Tegrity now supports more optimized printer layouts for better facilitation of note taking and efficient use of paper.

5. New Editor UI
The edit recordings functionality also has a simpler user interface to make the editing experience easier and more powerful. Additional captioning functions have been added to make it easy to add, replace, and remove captions with support for more captioning formats, including Quicktime.

6. Copy/Move Additional Content
Now you can move or copy additional documents, media files, and links along with your Tegrity Recordings more easily.

7. New Sharing Options for Instructors
More options make it easier to share class links: a simple direct URL link is automatically created along with the ability to share to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr.

8. Upload Recordings to YouTube
You now have the option to publish to your own YouTube account.

9. Twitter Course Notifications
You can specify your own Twitter account for sending out course notifications.

10. Mac Users
Mac users now have much easier and UI-integrated audio level controls.

Your Tegrity service will be automatically updated – no extra work for you or your campus admins! Chat with your peers and let us know what you think about these new features in the Connect Community.

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  August 09 2013

The Connect Team

The Connect Team