Connect Tips: Creating Your Course and Assignments

Setting up a course for the first time in McGraw-Hill Connect®? No problem! These videos will show you how to create a course with one or more sections and use the question bank to create your assignments.

Thank you for using McGraw-Hill Connect! If you have any other questions or would like more information on getting started, check out the Connect Quick Guides.

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  January 19 2012
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Welcome to the Digital Success Academy!

The Connect team is excited to announce the launch of the Digital Success Academy! The Digital Success Academy is designed to help ensure that Connect becomes an integral tool, making your course management more efficient and improving student success this term and beyond.

To help you get started with Connect this Fall term, check out the Digital Success Academy Center for on-demand videos, tutorials, best practices, and FAQs. We’ve got you covered, from the basics to what Connect offers in your specific area of interest!

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Using the Item Analysis Report to target your instruction

While most instructors use the assignment results report in Connect to track student results, there are several other reporting options that often go overlooked but provide easy access to valuable information about your students’ learning.
Connect Report Options List

For example, let’s take a look at the following item analysis report.
The Connect item analysis report can be used to identify the success rate of individual questions in your assignments. This information can be useful in areas such as planning lecture topics and/or assessment review, helping make your time with students more targeted to their needs.
Sample Item Analysis Report

In the example above, we see the success rate for six questions in our assignment across multiple assignment attempts (i.e., first attempt vs. last attempt). After reviewing the report, we might decide that the success rate for the question on the “path of blood” is too low and is an area worth extra investigation. Connect offers a quick export of this information to Excel or allows you to print out a record for further analysis.

Remember that all of this information and more, is only a few clicks away in the Reports tab, to help enhance your Connect experience.

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The Connect Team

The Connect Team