Tips for Accessing LearnSmart in Connect

If you’re currently assigning LearnSmart in your course, or perhaps you haven’t yet, but are interested in gaining student feedback regarding this adaptive study tool, remember that LearnSmart is always accessible to students on the Connect home tab. Just look for the LearnSmart widget on the Connect home tab.

If you’re already assigning LearnSmart in Connect, students can continue to work in the adaptive study tool after the assignment due date has passed. While this will not affect the grades received by the due dates you’ve set, students can review past topics and continue mastery throughout the term. This can be a great way for students to focus their review as cumulative finals approach – whether the final is on three chapters or ten chapters. If you haven’t assigned LearnSmart yet but it’s available in your course, direct students to the widget on the Connect Homepage for personalized assistance with their study. This is a great way to get student feedback about LearnSmart in consideration of incorporating the adaptive study tool in a future term.

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Digital Faculty Consultants Share LearnSmart Benefits

A team of digital faculty consultants recently met to discuss how McGraw-Hill’s LearnSmart, an adaptive study tool within Connect, personalizes learning to help students build their retention. LearnSmart has helped to dramatically improve student grades! Learn how instructors like you are incorporating Connect’s LearnSmart feature to help students succeed in their course:

Visit the McGraw-Hill Higher Education YouTube Channel for more videos on McGraw-Hill Connect, McGraw-Hill LearnSmart, and more!

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Do More with McGraw-Hill Connect and Blackboard!

Are you interested in simplifying your digital teaching experience with access to rich content that can be assigned right within Blackboard Learn?

McGraw-Hill and Blackboard have teamed up to bring you an unrivaled total course solution!

The new integration between McGraw-Hill Connect™, McGraw-Hill Create™, and Blackboard Learn™ 9.1 allows you to manage course content, assignments, assessments and grades all from within Blackboard.  Enjoy simplified access to the highest quality, media-rich content and adaptive learning and assessment engines for faculty, students and institutions.

A Total Course Solution
This unprecedented integration of publisher-provided content and tools into a learning management system offers the enhanced experience of all course resources in a single, online environment.

Key Features

  • Single Sign-On
    A single login and single environment provide seamless access to all course resources – all McGraw-Hill’s resources are available within the Blackboard Learn platform.

  • One Gradebook
    Automatic grade synchronization with Blackboard gradebook. All grades for McGraw-Hill assignments are recorded in the Blackboard gradebook automatically.

  • Deep Integration
    One click access to a wealth of McGraw-Hill content and tools – all from within Blackboard Learn.

  • Openness
    Unique in Higher Education, the partnership of McGraw Hill Higher Education and Blackboard preserves the spirit of academic freedom and openness. Blackboard remains publisher independent, and McGraw-Hill remains LMS independent. The result makes our content, engines and platform more usable and accessible, with fewer barriers to adoption and use.

  • 100% FERPA–compliant solution protects student privacy.

Want to learn more? Visit and sign up for a demonstration!

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Using the Item Analysis Report to target your instruction

While most instructors use the assignment results report in Connect to track student results, there are several other reporting options that often go overlooked but provide easy access to valuable information about your students’ learning.
Connect Report Options List

For example, let’s take a look at the following item analysis report.
The Connect item analysis report can be used to identify the success rate of individual questions in your assignments. This information can be useful in areas such as planning lecture topics and/or assessment review, helping make your time with students more targeted to their needs.
Sample Item Analysis Report

In the example above, we see the success rate for six questions in our assignment across multiple assignment attempts (i.e., first attempt vs. last attempt). After reviewing the report, we might decide that the success rate for the question on the “path of blood” is too low and is an area worth extra investigation. Connect offers a quick export of this information to Excel or allows you to print out a record for further analysis.

Remember that all of this information and more, is only a few clicks away in the Reports tab, to help enhance your Connect experience.

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95% of Student Survey Participants Report Connect’s Tegrity Tool Improves Learning

A recent survey of more than 9,000 college students at more than 200 higher education institutions revealed significant improvement in effectiveness of studying through the use of McGraw-Hill’s Tegrity lecture capture, with 95% of all student participants indicating Tegrity contributed to their success. 

Surveyed students shared that Tegrity’s lecture capture is an “excellent tool” and that “all features are essential” and “easy to use.” A distance learning student added “it makes me feel more connected with the teacher and the course.”

A feature of McGraw-Hill Connect, Tegrity, is a cloud-based lecture capture solution proven to increase student achievement, satisfaction, retention and recruitment across an institution. It makes class time available all the time by automatically recording, storing and indexing every class on campus – without the need to install any special hardware or software in classrooms.

Read the full article at PRNewsWire.

The Connect Team

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New Connect Quick Guides Site is Live!

The Connect Quick Guides site is a great reference tool if you’ve ever had a “how-to” question while working in Connect. For example, “How do I give a student or a group of students an assignment extension without re-opening the assignment for the whole class? ” With the spring term underway, “Student Exceptions/Extensions” is a common question that arises with instructors. We have the answer to this question and many more at the Connect Quick Guides site. We’ve recently re-designed the site and added more topics, so you can quickly find what you need. Please feel free to bookmark the Connect Quick Guides site and check back during the term as we add more topics related to new enhancements!

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The Connect Team

The Connect Team