December 2013 Connect Release – Reporting

We are excited to announce enhancements to Connect reporting to make it easier than ever for you to navigate.

Easy-To-Navigate Performance Menu
Getting to specific reports is easier than ever with a simple drop-down performance menu.

Improved Item Analysis Report
Automatically see the section average score on each question by student to quickly evaluate student performance and identify who is struggling. The Item Analysis Report now has expanded customization capabilities for added flexibility. Exported reports will also contain student email addresses to help you communicate with students as needed.

Improved Category Analysis Report
As with the Item Analysis Report, you can automatically see the section average score on each category by student, giving you quick, easy access to the information you need. View “Student Information” rather than question information to evaluate individual student performance. Access student email addresses in the exported version of the report, and additional customization options currently available in other Connect reports.

Click here to learn more about the other enhancements coming to Connect in our December release.

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  November 19 2013

McGraw-Hill Connect Maintenance Release

As part of our commitment to providing the best possible user experience for you and your students, the McGraw-Hill Connect team will be deploying a brief maintenance release on Saturday, September 28, 4:00am EST – 6 am EST.

In order to roll out these updates, Connect will be temporarily unavailable during this time. We know that downtime can be interruptive, so we’ve scheduled the update during a time of historically low usage to minimize the inconvenience. If you’d like help modifying your assignment due dates, please contact our Customer Experience Group at 800-331-5094 within our hours of operation or submit a support request via our Contact Us form.

Thank you very much for your kind patience as we work to improve your Connect experience!

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  September 20 2013

Connect Release – New Enhancements #5

The fifth enhancement of McGraw-Hill’s Connect product release can cut your grading time in half. Crammed with new features that will make grading less tedious, yet more personalized, this final Connect upgrade will bring the fun back to grading tasks, while also leaving you time to do more of what you want.

Grade By Question
Provides a holistic class view of one concept at a time, giving you insight into all student responses in a snap.

Inline Commenting
With inline commenting for essay and short answer questions, you’ll be able to leave richer feedback for students.

Audio Commenting
Personalized audio comments on any question type during the manual grading process enables a one-to-one connection with any student.

We can’t wait to hear all about your experience with the new Connect, so tell us what you think once you’ve had a chance to try out the new features.

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  July 18 2013

Connect Release – New Enhancements #4

Teaching can often be a group effort. Teaching with McGraw-Hill Connect is about reducing the amount of time you spend with course administration, so that you can devote yourself to high-impact teaching. As such, we know how important it is to be able to efficiently and easily share and copy course materials to other sections and with other instructors.

The fourth enhancement of the Connect product release features streamlined sharing functionality that will reduce the administrative burden of sharing or teaching from received courses.

Share Multiple Sections
Share up to three sections with several instructors all at once to avoid long hours spent distributing materials for large courses!

Share & Edit Attributes of Active Assignments
Instructors receiving assignment content now have flexible editing options allowing them to change dates across all shared sections, give due dates to active assignments, and change the names of active writing assignments.

Share/Copy Modal
Unsure if you should copy a section or simply share it? This new feature clearly explains when to copy and when to share each and every time you initiate either action.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: The upgrade to McGraw-Hill Connect will go live beginning at 10 pm ET on Friday night July 26th, and remain temporarily unavailable throughout the night until 10 am ET Saturday morning July 27th. Please click here for added details.

Join the Connect Community to tell us what you think of the new features! Also, check back next week for a sneak peak of how the new release will change the way you approach grading.

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  July 14 2013

McGraw-Hill Connect Planned Upgrade Maintenance

As part of our commitment to providing the best possible user experience for you and your students, we’re making some big improvements to McGraw-Hill Connect. The upgrade is a direct result of extensive feedback from our trusted users—faculty and students—as well as platform data regarding usage pain points.

When we go live with the new upgrade, Connect will be temporarily unavailable for a period of approximately 12 hours. We selected this window of time to launch the release because our data suggests that it will minimize the impact on instructors and students.

To make the process as seamless as possible, we’ve provided answers to some questions you may have regarding the planned upgrade maintenance:

Q: What is the day, time and anticipated duration of the planned upgrade maintenance during which the Connect platform will be temporarily unavailable?

A: Connect will be temporarily unavailable for all users (instructors and students) for approximately 12 hours between 10pm ET on Friday, July 26th and 10am ET on Saturday, July 27th. This is a time of historically low usage for the platform.

Q: If there are assignments or tests scheduled to occur during the planned upgrade maintenance time frame, will these need to be rescheduled?

A: Yes. For instructors who are not actively sharing their assignments/section:

     Step 1: Check the box next to assignments on your section homepage
     Step 2: Click on “Change Dates” and select new due dates for each assignment

Note: If you are sharing assignments/sections, we recommend that you go into the assignments themselves and change the due dates on the Policies page.

If you still need assistance, you may contact the McGraw-Hill Customer Experience Group at 800-331-5094 during our hours of operation or submit a support request via our Contact Us form.

Q: How will I be notified when the Connect platform is available again?

A: All currently registered users of Connect will receive an email indicating that the platform is available again. We will also communicate regarding the upgrade duration and platform availability via our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and the Connect Community. Instructors can access Connect upgrade details by following us on Twitter and joining the Connect Community. Students can access Connect upgrade details by liking our page on Facebook and following our student Twitter handle.

Q: Will any work that I’ve done in Connect (for example, assignments I’ve created/completed policy settings, etc.) be affected?

A: No.

Q: As an instructor, will my students or the work they’ve begun or completed be affected in any way?

A: No.

Q: If a summer course is in progress at the time of the upgrade, will the course reflect the new Connect once the release goes live, or will the course finish with the old version of Connect?

A: Existing courses will continue in the upgraded platform. There are a few small things that won’t apply to an existing or active course. For example, the time on task calculations (a new feature to the upgrade) will only begin tracking from the date of the release, not prior. But there will not be a situation where existing courses will exist in a parallel universe without these feature changes.

Q: Will the Customer Experience Group be available while Connect is temporarily unavailable?

A: Yes. The McGraw-Hill Customer Experience Group will have extended hours while Connect is temporarily unavailable, including on Saturday 7/27 once the Connect release goes live, to help answer your questions. Specific hours of availability will be posted just prior to the actual release upgrade date.

At McGraw-Hill Education, empowering educators is our passion and ensuring the best possible Connect user experience is our top priority. We appreciate your loyalty and patience as we work to improve your Connect experience.

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  July 09 2013

Connect Release – New Enhancements #3

The third enhancement of McGraw-Hill’s Connect product release is all about making our digital teaching and learning environment work for you, both in and out of the classroom.

Your Connect eBook will soon include even more customizable features that are guaranteed to save you time and effort. Plus, we’ve added some new functionality in key reports that will allow you to keep track of the time your students spend completing your assignments.

Copy and Share eBook Annotations
Mark up your Connect eBook only once, because all annotations, highlights, and bookmarks automatically transfer over to copied or shared sections. This means you won’t be redoing annotations from one semester to the next, resulting in less course management.

Batch Show/Hide Annotations
Make all chapter annotations visible to students with the push of a button. Secondary instructors can benefit from this by reusing and adding to the annotations.

Assignments I Created
A My Assignments listing gives you the option of viewing your assignments organized by course and section, making it easier to locate specific or favorite assignments.

Time on Task
Located in the Student Performance Report, Time on Task allows you to track the amount of time a particular student spends on your assignments.

World Languages Time Spent Report
This report allows World Languages instructors to determine student effort level by keeping track of the amount of time students spend on specific activities, which is mandated in some states to meet lab requirements.

Check back next week for a sneak peak of how the new release features improved functionality for shared and copied assignments to streamline course prep and save you time.

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  July 03 2013

The Connect Team

The Connect Team