Introducing the Redesigned Policies Page

The upcoming winter release will bring some exciting changes to the way our policies page looks and feels.

With the growth of the Connect community we did our best to accommodate all of the different individual needs, teaching styles and preferences that you find important and we built onto the policies page to the point that some key features and options ended up being hidden or hard to find. We felt (and heard) that we should return to the simplicity and efficiency that drew you to Connect in the first place.

All of the improvements we’re making to the policies page will help make sure that you can find exactly the settings you want in less time, and have a better experience while you’re there.

Here’s a preview of the brand new layout:

The new polices page in Connect.

We’re excited about the changes, but we know that many of you have mastered the current policies layout and already customized policies for your assignments. We want to put your minds at ease and assure you of two really important things: first, all your saved policy settings will rollover with the new design – nothing changes for your students or your assignments, and second, each policy setting will work the same way it always has. So, when it comes time to set up for next semester, your assignments and policy settings will be exactly as you left them—just a whole lot simpler to set up!

As we move forward into 2012 and beyond, we’ll continue to simplify and improve Connect, and present you with brand-new features. We think we’re off to a great start, but let us know what you think after the redesigned policies page goes live!

By kevin  |  December 16 2011
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October Release and Enhancements

We will be releasing several key usability improvements along with key features in several course areas this coming Saturday, October 22nd. We want to thank everyone in the Connect community for your suggestions and helpful feedback as we work to make Connect even better. Check out just a few of the highlights below!

At-Risk Student Report (Pilot)
Instructors and institutions have an easy way to improve student retention. Quickly find and help the students who need you most. The report will identify at-risk students and help you reach out to them to request a meeting during office hours, provide words of encouragement and get them re-engaged.

Section Switcher
An easier way to navigate your course. With the improved section-switcher, getting between your MWF and TuTh sections is a breeze. Just click “switch section” and you will see a list of all the sections in your course. Select the one you want, and you’re there.

And/Or Filter
See all of the content available to you, in any combination. We’ve updated the filtering in Connect so that you never have to choose between options like question type or learning objective again. Narrow the field by selecting your favorite filtering options and assign your homework knowing you’ve picked the very best content for your class and your goals.

We have helped clarify some of the key policies so that you get exactly what you want for your students each time you create an assignment.


By kevin  |  October 18 2011
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New Connect Instructor & Student Enhancements Are Here!

You’ve shared your ideas for Connect enhancements with us. We’ve heard you! McGraw-Hill Connect® now offers a wealth of new enhancements based on your feedback.

* NEW “Ask Instructor” feature – Answering student questions has never been easier than with Connect! The “Ask Instructor” policy setting allows students to send you a message with a direct link to the question from their assignment to provide greater context to questions where students require assistance. You can even reply to your entire class if the answer given is relevant for everyone!

* NEW Group Assignments feature – Connect now supports group assignments, enabling you to split up a section of students and have each group collaborate on their own topics. Simply select the number of students you’d like in each group and add your topics. Move students between groups to best fit your needs. Get instant notifications when your roster changes so you can update your groups accordingly.

To learn more, take a look at our Connect enhancements flyer.

THANK YOU again to our Connect community for helping us to find ways to make Connect better for you and your students!

Improved Navigation in Connect

Connect is now easier to use than ever before, thanks to input from our Connect community! Your “My Courses” page now offers icons instead of a menu, so you can quickly and easily set course registration dates, duplicate, or delete your course.  You can also edit your course name and time zone directly from this page.

Connect also offers enhanced section drop-down menus, which clearly detail the functionality offered via the contextual labels to better inform you of your options to edit, duplicate, copy, share, or delete a course section. Enjoy these usability enhancements!

By  |  May 20 2011

New Connect Quick Guides Site is Live!

The Connect Quick Guides site is a great reference tool if you’ve ever had a “how-to” question while working in Connect. For example, “How do I give a student or a group of students an assignment extension without re-opening the assignment for the whole class? ” With the spring term underway, “Student Exceptions/Extensions” is a common question that arises with instructors. We have the answer to this question and many more at the Connect Quick Guides site. We’ve recently re-designed the site and added more topics, so you can quickly find what you need. Please feel free to bookmark the Connect Quick Guides site and check back during the term as we add more topics related to new enhancements!

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The Connect Team

The Connect Team