Back to School Training Camp: Everything You Need to Start the Semester Off Right

As a new school year begins, the successes you wish for your students will become reality when you take advantage of McGraw-Hill’s Connect Back-to-School Training Camp. We’ve got you covered!

What’s the foundation of every great training program? Flexibility and relaxation. Start off the new season with a zen-like session from colleagues who’ve learned how to master the art of a great class using Connect. Register now for Back to School with Your Peers Connect Webinar Series to hear from instructors regarding assignment creation, personalized learning, reporting, lecture capture and seamless systems integration with Connect.

McGraw-Hill’s First Day of Class site is a collection of pre-built resources that helps you get your semester off to the right start by giving your students what they need on day one. Customizable PowerPoint presentations that are tied to specific textbook titles, videos that feature sage advice from students and instructors on getting the most out of Connect and LearnSmart, and helpful links are all at your fingertips.

Strength Training
Navigating a multi-layered system like Connect may seem daunting, but that’s where the Digital Success Academy comes into play. The DSA is an online training resource that teaches you the nuts and bolts of how to use Connect and build your Fall courses.

The Connect 101 tab, which introduces the Connect basics, features the following topics:
1. Get Started: Everything you need to start using Connect, including an easy student sign-up center and training webinars.
2. Courses & Sections: Knowledge on how to create your courses, sections and rosters.
3. Creating Assignments: Guided tours on creating, managing and sharing your assignments.
4. Linking to your LMS: Step-by-step instructions on utilizing your Blackboard, Connect Enterprise & MH Campus resources.

The Connect 200 tab delves deeper into what Connect has to offer in your area of interest, whether it’s accounting, sociology or something in between. If you still can’t find what you need, there’s always the Browse by Topic tab or handy FAQ that you’ve yet to explore.

Team Support
Getting in shape is so much easier with friends to root you on! The Connect Community gives you access to more than 1,700 instructors from across disciplines, course types and schools who are available to answer your questions, give you advice, and share their experiences.

That’s it – everything you need to start off your semester right. Don’t forget that you can always learn more by contacting your personal trainer (also known as your McGraw-Hill rep).

Vitamin Boost
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The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  August 22 2013

Implementing Connect: Instructor-Led Webinar Series

Register here for Back to School with Your Peers: Learn How Your Colleagues Are Implementing CONNECT Webinar Series.

William Butler Yeats once said, “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.” To excel at your craft, educators must be equipped with high-quality content and superior teaching aids; and there’s no better resource than Connect.

At McGraw-Hill Education, our priority is to ensure that you meet your teaching goals and see increased success, for you and your students. So, we’ve packed Connect with simple assignment creation, personalized learning, powerful reporting, lecture capture and seamless LMS integration.

To deepen your love of Connect, we’re extending an invitation for you to participate in 8 webinars—as part of our Back to School with Your Peers: Learn How Your Colleagues Are Implementing CONNECT Webinar Series—that will be available in August and September. Here’s a quick look at what we’ll be discussing:

Online Coursework: Making it Count
Focuses on the importance of requiring assignments, as well as tips on how to integrate them into the syllabus.

LearnSmart: Best Practices for Assigning
Teaches you how to assign and integrate LearnSmart into your course requirements.

Getting Started with Tegrity
Concentrates on how to begin using Tegrity— McGraw-Hill Education’s lecture capture system—in both online and F2F courses.

Using Reports Early & Often
Walks you through our powerful reporting that can track activity and identify at-risk students, shape lecture topics throughout the term, and support student success.

Using Connect Tools to Flip your Classroom
Teaches you how to use LearnSmart, Tegrity and application homework to manage a flipped classroom.

Preparing for Accreditation Reporting Needs
Walks you through setting up your class or department for efficient data collection, including building assignments and sharing courses.

Blackboard/Connect Integration: Achieving SSO and Gradebook Synchronization
This session highlights setting up your Connect course in Blackboard to achieve grade sync, in addition to best practices prior to and throughout the term.

MH Campus/Connect Integration: Achieving Single Sign-On and Gradebook Sync with your LMS
This session details the features of the MH Campus Integration, available across the most popular LMS platforms. You’ll learn how to setup and pair your LMS course with Connect, how to sync students’ Connect scores to your LMS grade book and other best practices for managing an integrated course throughout the term.

Register now at

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By The Connect Team  |  August 07 2013

Digital Success Programs Available for You

Thank you for being members of our Connect community. We’d like to let you know about our Digital Success Programs to ensure that you and your students can leverage the full power of Connect anytime, anywhere and with complete confidence.

Here are just some of the resources available to you:
• In-person or remote 1:1 training
Peer to peer training from users of Connect in your subject area
• Instant access to online training tools
• Phone, email or online chat for user support just a click away

You can also chat with your peers about best practices for integrating digital into the classroom and other key topics in the Connect Community.

Your success is our priority. Our investment in server capacity, the latest technologies, web compliance and uptime reflect our commitment to you and your students.

Coming this summer! Exciting enhancements to our Connect platform. More details to come!

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  June 17 2013

Connect Tips: Managing Your Assignments

It’s simple to manage your Connect assignment list, as well as set assignment dates for individual sections. Connect allows you to modify due dates for different assignments based on a variety of factors, such as class schedules, meeting times, etc.

After you have created your assignments, you can set the assignment policy settings. This “how to” guide will show you how to set point values for each question, add time limits, and indicate if you want students to receive automatic feedback after they complete a question.

Professor Michael Windelspecht from Appalachian State University shares his best practices for setting up assignments in Connect here.

Thank you for using McGraw-Hill Connect! If you have any other questions or would like more information on getting started, check out the Connect Quick Guides.

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By The Connect Team  |  January 24 2012
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Connect Tips: Customizing Your Section and Editing Assignments

Once you’ve set up your course within McGraw-Hill Connect®, you can customize it any way you like. Add your photo, contact information, office hours, and even favorite links and RSS feeds. It’s a great way to personalize Connect and keep important information easily accessible to your students.

You can also edit the assignments you’ve created for your course as needed.

Thank you for using McGraw-Hill Connect! If you have any other questions or would like more information on getting started, check out the Connect Quick Guides.

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  January 23 2012
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Welcome to the Digital Success Academy!

The Connect team is excited to announce the launch of the Digital Success Academy! The Digital Success Academy is designed to help ensure that Connect becomes an integral tool, making your course management more efficient and improving student success this term and beyond.

To help you get started with Connect this Fall term, check out the Digital Success Academy Center for on-demand videos, tutorials, best practices, and FAQs. We’ve got you covered, from the basics to what Connect offers in your specific area of interest!

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The Connect Team

The Connect Team