SmartBook Is Here!

Dear Connect Community,

We are delighted to announce that SmartBook is now available! You and your students who are using ConnectPlus can experience SmartBook for the rest of the semester.

What is SmartBook?
SmartBook is the first and only adaptive reading experience. It is fueled by LearnSmart, the most widely used and intelligent adaptive study resource available today. By blending LearnSmart with an interactive eBook, SmartBook is designed to help students maximize their study time.

Does my title currently have SmartBook?
Check this list of available titles to find out if your title has SmartBook.

As an Instructor, do I need to modify any of my LearnSmart assignments?
No – SmartBook is designed as a student study resource. Students will continue to access LearnSmart assignments the same way as they do today. However, once they are in the LearnSmart assignment, they can click on a SmartBook button to launch SmartBook.

How does SmartBook work?
SmartBook collects the same data points that LearnSmart uses (for example confidence rating, degree of correctness, time on task, etc.) and uses that information to determine what content will be most beneficial for the student. Just like LearnSmart, SmartBook is designed to maximize a student’s study session by focusing their efforts on what he or she needs to learn.

SmartBook uses four stages – Practice, Read, Preview and Recharge – to ensure students spend valuable time with content. The four stages are described in further detail below.

What happens in the Preview stage?
During the Preview stage, students see a thumbnail view of the chapter providing them with an understanding of the basic organization of the material. This allows students to build a framework of the content they are about to learn, which helps to organize the content in their brain.

What happens in the Read stage?
During the Read stage, students are presented with an eBook that has been “highlighted” to show the content they should focus on. The highlighted content is determined by the authors and the LearnSmart data for that particular product. This is “critical” content because it is basic concepts needed for course success as well as areas of known difficulty. As the student progresses through the Read and Practice stages (see next FAQ), the highlights adapt to focus students on the content they need the most based on their individual needs.

What happens in the Practice stage?
The Practice stage of SmartBook functions just like LearnSmart. Based on what the student has read in the “Read” stage, SmartBook presents questions that will solidify his or her mastery of the content and identify areas that the student is struggling with.

What happens in the Recharge stage?
Just as LearnSmart does, SmartBook determines what information the student is most likely to forget (and when they are most likely to forget it). During the Recharge stage, SmartBook presents students with that content along with any other material that he or she needs to know in order to master what they don’t know.

How would an instructor use LearnSmart assignments and SmartBook together?
LearnSmart powers SmartBook. Instructors assign LearnSmart and the students who have access to SmartBook (within ConnectPlus) benefit from the adaptive reading experience. Students who have just Connect (w/o eBook) will have access to LearnSmart. Students are held accountable for the probes in both cases, not the amount of time spent with the eBook.

What determines the highlighted section of the textbook that students see in SmartBook?
Initially, it is population data collected from LearnSmart for that product. The highlighted sections in SmartBook are based on the data that we use today to help authors and subject matter experts see difficult topics based on existing student performance and data. As students Practice in SmartBook, the highlights will adjust to highlight the content that is most beneficial to them.

What is the recommended workflow for a student who is using SmartBook?
There is no set workflow for students to follow. Ideally, they should Preview the content to build a foundation to learn from. Then they can either Practice (LearnSmart) or Read. After spending some time with SmartBook they can then Recharge. That said, a student can proceed in a number of paths. Once students start using SmartBook we will share best practices.

Will the regular ConnectPlus e-Book be going away?
No. Two eBooks will live in ConnectPlus. The current ConnectPlus eBook will remain and function as is (tied to assignments, read it from Library…). SmartBook is available with LearnSmart and it is designed for students to use as an additional study tool.

What reports will be available for instructors?
The same instructor reports that are available for LearnSmart will be available for SmartBook.

What reports will be available for students?
The same student reports that are available for LearnSmart will be available for SmartBook.

For additional information about SmartBook, please contact your McGraw-Hill representative and visit:

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  April 29 2013

Join the Learning Revolution with the LearnSmart Advantage Suite

We are proud to introduce LearnSmart Advantage, a powerful new series of adaptive learning products is fueled by LearnSmart! By improving student learning outside of class for greater engagement in class, LearnSmart Advantage puts students and instructors on track for success.

The LearnSmart Advantage suite includes…

LearnSmart– the most widely used and intelligent adaptive learning resource proven to strengthen memory recall, increase class retention and boost grades.
SmartBook– the first and only adaptive reading experience that focuses students on the content they need the most.
LearnSmart Prep– an adaptive preparatory tool that addresses students’ lack of prerequisite knowledge so they enter the class ready to engage in college level work.
LearnSmart Achieve– an adaptive learning system that provides students with interactive learning resources to help them master course concepts.
LearnSmart Labs– a highly realistic simulated lab experience that allows students to “DO” and “THINK” like a scientist.

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  March 05 2013

New Suite of Adaptive Learning Products, Including First-Ever Adaptive E-Book

We are very excited to launch the new “LearnSmart Advantage” suite, using adaptive technology to provide more dynamic, personalized learning experiences across new aspects of the student learning experience. Included in the suite is SmartBook™, the world’s first ever adaptive e-book, which revolutionizes college reading by focusing students’ attention on the content that is most critical to their learning.

Adaptive technology personalizes learning by continually assessing students’ knowledge, skill and confidence levels and designing targeted study paths to bolster students’ understanding in the areas where they need to improve the most. By allowing students to focus their outside-of-class study time on the topics and concepts that are most challenging to them, adaptive learning has been shown to help students study more efficiently, develop greater proficiency and earn better grades. It also benefits instructors: By better preparing students for class, adaptive learning enables instructors to spend more time delving into advanced concepts and engaging students in high-level discussion.

Read the press release to learn more about the LearnSmart Advantage suite!

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By The Connect Team  |  January 14 2013
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How to Use a Student Ambassador (SA) Promo Code

Where can I use this promo code?
2. MH Shop (digital items only)

What products are eligible for this promotion?

Promo codes can be used for select standalone digital items, including:
 – Digital access to SmartBook
 – Digital access to LearnSmart
 – Digital access to LearnSmart Prep

What items are not eligible for this promotion?

Promo codes are NOT valid on the following:

 – Connect or Connect Plus
 – LearnSmart Labs
 – LearnSmart Achieve
 – International and Canadian titles (Only US titles are eligible for this promotion)
 – Custom titles/editions unique to your university.
 – Physical products, including but not limited to:
 – Print textbooks (any format);
 – Physical access cards containing an access code for a digital product;
 – Workbooks, lab manuals, or other physical media;
 – Digital products that are packaged with physical media (these items carry the “Mixed-media Product” label on

Promo code terms and conditions are subject to change.
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By The Connect Team  |  January 01 2013

The Connect Team

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