McGraw-Hill Connect Improves Student Success and Increases Instructor Efficiency at Hinds Community College!

In 2010, Professor Sharon Feaster began offering Connect Anatomy & Physiology to her students as an extra study tool. In 2011, when she required students to complete homework assignments within Connect, she witnessed dramatic improvement in student grades, pass rates and retention. During the Fall 2011 semester when Connect was required, 22% more students passed the course and 29% more students completed the course than during the previous semester. Read this CASE STUDY to find out why Professor Feaster credits Connect with having made a real difference for her students.

Professor Feaster says, “I observed that A students are going to make A’s regardless of what is asked of them. The Connect and LearnSmart assignments force all of the students to study in a variety of ways […] which evidently improves their understanding.” The data backs this up, showing that Connect made a significant difference for students who might have otherwise withdrawn from or failed the course or who may not learned the material well enough to pass the course. As a result, Professor Feaster “absolutely” recommends Connect to other faculty.

2012 CODiE Award Finalists Announced

We are proud and excited to announce that our digital solutions have been selected as finalists for the 2012 CODiE Awards!

Best Postsecondary Instructional Solution
McGraw-Hill LearnSmart, the adaptive learning system available within Connect

Best Cross-Curricular Solution
McGraw-Hill Connect/Blackboard Building Block
McGraw-Hill LearnSmart

Best Postsecondary Enterprise Solution
Tegrity Campus, the lecture capture service available within Connect

Best Education Game or Simulation
– Practice Marketing, within Connect Marketing

Click here to see the full list of finalists.

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  March 26 2012
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Connect Tips: Pairing Your Blackboard Course with Connect

Single sign-on means no more managing multiple sites and log-ins! Quickly and easily pair your Blackboard course with a section in an existing or new Connect course. In addition, here are tips on how to copy a Blackboard course that already has Connect assignments in it and pair it with the corresponding Connect section.

The McGraw-Hill/Blackboard Total Course Solution is so easy to use that it was just selected as one of the Top Ed-Tech Picks for 2012 by eCampus News Readers! Professor Carolyn Ponce at Arkansas State University offers her tips for using Connect + Blackboard here: Thank you for using McGraw-Hill Connect! If you have any other questions or would like more information on getting started, check out the Connect Success Academy.

McGraw-Hill Connect Increases Student Engagement and Grades at New Mexico Junior College!

Prior to implementing Connect® Music, Professor Carolyn Ponce had used reading assignments, interactive chapter activities, and CDs in her online course, but her students lacked a sense of total engagement with the material. She felt that by increasing student access to listening opportunities, she could better engage them in the course. Thanks to the streaming music available in Connect Music, her students now spend much more time on concept application and active listening. As a result, she has seen an increase in the number of students earning an A in the course. Read more about her success in this CASE STUDY.

Connect Music not only provided students with simplified access to the music, but also enabled Professor Ponce to monitor how her students interacted with it. She is very pleased with the results and says, “Thank you for Connect! It is a powerful tool and it does add great value to a course.”

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By The Connect Team  |  January 20 2012
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McGraw-Hill Connect Improves Student Success and Increases Engagement at Florida State College!

Professor Elizabeth Tuckwiller needed to find a way to engage student interest in learning psychology outside of the classroom to reduce the time spent in lecture trying to cover every topic in the course. Read this CASE STUDY on how McGraw-Hill LearnSmart, the adaptive learning system within Connect® Psychology, has helped her students to learn core course content outside of class. Now students experience the major concepts of the course through online labs and activities, and as a result, Professor Tuckwiller has time to bring more dynamic, engaging activities and videos from Connect into her classroom. And it is working—students are spending much more time with the material and pass rates have leaped from 75% to 83.6%.

She says, “Connect Psychology drastically improves student engagement, and it is the next wave in digital learning and blended course development. It frees up class time for labs, activities and other forms of active learning. I am very, very pleased with it.”

Professor Tuckwiller recommends Connect to faculty and now plans to use the McGraw-Hill and Blackboard total course solution to seamlessly deliver her course in one place.

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By The Connect Team  |  September 15 2011
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College Students Capture the Benefits of McGraw-Hill + Blackboard


This past semester, college students from around the U.S. created videos to illustrate the value of the McGraw-Hill/Blackboard total course solution. From helping students to succeed in their courses to simply making their lives easier, the partnership between McGraw-Hill and Blackboard has had a significant impact on learning outcomes in higher education.

Check out all of the videos at the Do More and Win Contest Youtube Channel, or learn more about the total course solution at!

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By The Connect Team  |  July 11 2011
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The Connect Team

The Connect Team