Introducing: Connect Study Beta

You’re invited!
Connect Study Beta is our first step into the mobile world.

In this first phase, you’ll have what you need to study between classes, including a redesigned eBook and brand new features to help you plan for your semester and track you performance. We’re not able to offer everything we’d like just yet, but we wanted to make Connect Study available to all students as soon as we could.

We’d love for you to try it out and tell us what you think: Connect Study Beta.

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By kevin  |  October 12 2012
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Connect Goes Mobile!

Exciting news! Students can now access powerful Connect study resources directly from their tablets and phones. Because students’ lives are busier than ever, this Open Beta phase targets studying on the go.

Students can access from their tablets and smartphones:

  • eBook: This responsive design eBook automatically adjusts to fit most tablets and select phones. Students can add bookmarks and notes, and sync with Connect, all from their mobile devices.

  • Performance Reports: Connect’s redesigned reports give students a greater understanding of how they are performing in their Connect courses. Powerful data like the Connect score average, the total number of points earned in Connect, time spent taking each assignment, and the date each assignment was submitted, all give students a better idea of their current performance.

  • Trends: Visual charts will show students meaningful patterns in their performances. Students will see if they tend to submit assignments late, and are prompted to check their upcoming assignments to always know what’s coming. Students will also see how their recent assignment scores compare to their class’ average, so students are fully aware of their scores and if they should seek instructor help.

  • Next Up!: Assignments display from the current month onward, so the most relevant assignment dates are easily available. The due dates, attempts, and points help students plan their time and prepare for each assignment. NOTE: Students cannot take their assignments in this mobile view. The focus for this first phase is to make the study materials available to students when they are on-the-go.

  • Course Resources: Important resources from instructors are surfaced to ensure that students are aware of these valuable study materials and have more opportunities to review them.
The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  September 28 2012
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Exciting News About LearnSmart

McGraw-Hill LearnSmart is available to students as an independent study program!

Since its launch, we’ve heard from students each semester about how much they love LearnSmart. They agree that the engaging, effective, and personalized learning offered through LearnSmart is like no other study solution. As a result, there have been an increasing number of students asking for LearnSmart in their other courses where access has not been provided through Connect.

To heed this call, McGraw-Hill is thrilled to announce that students will now be able to purchase and use LearnSmart in over 40 courses. We’d like to invite you to be part of the adaptive learning revolution by visiting the new LearnSmart website and sharing the news with your students!

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The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  August 14 2012
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McGraw-Hill Connect Improves Student Success and Increases Instructor Efficiency at Hinds Community College!

In 2010, Professor Sharon Feaster began offering Connect Anatomy & Physiology to her students as an extra study tool. In 2011, when she required students to complete homework assignments within Connect, she witnessed dramatic improvement in student grades, pass rates and retention. During the Fall 2011 semester when Connect was required, 22% more students passed the course and 29% more students completed the course than during the previous semester. Read this CASE STUDY to find out why Professor Feaster credits Connect with having made a real difference for her students.

Professor Feaster says, “I observed that A students are going to make A’s regardless of what is asked of them. The Connect and LearnSmart assignments force all of the students to study in a variety of ways […] which evidently improves their understanding.” The data backs this up, showing that Connect made a significant difference for students who might have otherwise withdrawn from or failed the course or who may not learned the material well enough to pass the course. As a result, Professor Feaster “absolutely” recommends Connect to other faculty.

Virginia Tech Uses McGraw-Hill APR to Launch First Fully Online Human Anatomy & Physiology Course

Virginia Tech recently announced that it became the first four-year comprehensive university in Virginia to offer both the human anatomy and physiology lab and lecture delivered online during the 2011 summer sessions. According to the director of University Summer Sessions, students had expressed an interest in taking this course online since 2010. Faculty used McGraw Hill’s Anatomy and Physiology Revealed, which is currently available through Connect® Anatomy & Physiology, to deliver the course:

Gillian said she had a healthy dose of nerves while developing a deeply-rooted traditional course in the online environment. Being one of the first her peers to do so, she could not draw upon the experience of others. “Before starting the course, I was worried about all the potential problems that could arise in launching a new online class of such a large size. For the most part, everything went very smoothly.”

Gillian uses McGraw Hill’s Anatomy and Physiology Revealed software, which features an interactive cadaver dissection tool that students to peel back layers and as if they are part of a dissection.

“I feel like the students draw a lot out of the virtual dissections and come away with a good understanding of human anatomy and physiology,” she said.

Read the full story at the Virginia Tech website.

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  June 05 2012
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Announcing the Winners of the Get Connected and Win Video Contest

Congratulations to all the winners in the Get Connected and Win Student Video Contest!

We asked students across the country to create a video about McGraw-Hill Connect and how it has helped them. So many excellent videos came in that it was hard for our panel of judges to decide, but the winners have been posted! Check them out at
The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  May 10 2012
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The Connect Team

The Connect Team