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Duplicate your section

Learn how to duplicate your section

Pairing your Blackboard course with a new Connect section

What you need to know to merge Blackboard and Connect.

Create and add your course and section(s)

A course can be made up of one or more sections, corresponding to the actual sections you are teaching at your institution.

Review and customize your Section Home page

Customize and personalize your Connect course with your photo, contact information, bookmarks, or RSS Feeds.

What if my student registered for the wrong section?

Learn what to do when your students register for the wrong section.

Sharing and copying sections overview

Not sure whether to share or copy? Take a look at these frequently asked questions to learn what it means to share and copy a section.

How to use Outcomes-Based Assessment in multiple sections

Connect makes it easy to generate Outcomes-Based assessment reports across all of your sections.

Using the Section Info widget

Learn about all the ways you can use the Section Info widget.

Using the Section Performance widget

Find out how well your students are doing on your course assignments using this widget (found on your Section Home page).

Question Editor: Section Break

Displaying the section break as a reference pop-out window will hide the section break contents above the questions within the section.