Speech Assignments

Connect’s speech assignment enables you to assign and evaluate student speeches online or live in the classroom using fully-customizable grading rubrics.
Manage Peer-Review Assignments
With a single click, you can enable peer review during assignment set-up. Automatically generate student peer groups by setting your group size. Use the group member drag-and-drop functionality to visually rearrange groups. Easily set default groups for use throughout the term.
Customize Grading Rubrics for Self-, Peer-, and Instructor Review
Use the pre-built grading rubric or customize it to better fit your course. Connect allows you to edit review criteria and rating scales, weigh evaluation categories, add notes fields, and save your customized rubrics for use in other assignments.
Monitor Student Progress
The student activity dashboard provides you with a single point of access for completing evaluations and monitoring student progress. Easily upload or reset video files for students. Access grading rubrics for in-class evaluation.
Save Time in Grading
Evaluating student speeches has never been easier. Connect stores your frequently-used comments and anticipates feedback as you type notes, allowing you to evaluate in-class speeches efficiently. Insert time-stamped comments in uploaded student videos and easily scroll through the grading rubric while watching the video play.