Personalized Learning Assignments

You choose whether to assign the Personalized Learning Plan or Individual Learning Topics—either way your students will complete prebuilt activities designed for your course. As your students improve their knowledge and skills with these activities, you’ll have more time to spend on other aspects of your course.

Study is focused and effective
The diagnostic evaluates each student’s proficiency in different areas of your course and, based on that, creates study plans focused on improving trouble spots. What’s more, the study calendar plots out when to study, and for how long. This way, study time is used wisely, as students focus only on their specific areas for improvement.
Make the diagnostic available as an option
Show the Student Self-Study icon when you assign Individual Learning Topics to allow your students to take the diagnostic on their own. This way, they can discover their strengths and weaknesses and will know exactly what to study in addition to your assigned activities.
Adjust content and time
You’re free to adjust the amount of content in each activity. Whether you want your students to spend 15 minutes reviewing an idea, or a few hours mastering a complex concept, use the slider bar to set the exact amount of content and time you want the activities to span.
See student improvement
Assign the Personalized Learning Plan at the beginning of the term, and again at the end, to easily measure each student’s progress!