Suggested Syllabus

Quickly assign work to your students without selecting activities individually

Pre-made assignment collections are stored for you to assign whenever you don’t want to create an assignment from scratch. They’re designed to cover everything you might want to assess your students on.

You can access these pre-made assignment collections from the library or from your section home page. They’re usually labeled “suggested assignment by chapter,” “recommended syllabus” or “milestones.”

Assign only what you want
Click on the pre-made assignment collection you’re interested in to see every assignment available to you. You can assign an entire chapter’s worth of assignments all at once, or pick and choose the ones that appeal to you.
Set a few policy options, and assign!
If you’re assigning an entire chapter’s worth of pre-made assignments, you can add the assignments to your other sections, share or copy them to your colleagues, and set availability dates. Then just click “assign” and you’re done! All of the assignments will appear in a group on your section homepage.
Sub Title Required
If you’re assigning a single pre-made assignment, you can apply any policy settings you want. Just click “assign” when you’re finished, and your selected assignment will appear on your section homepage.
Pre-made, but still customizable
Every pre-made assignment can be fully customized to your preferences. Once you assign something, you can click into it and edit the activity or question list just as you would an assignment you created from scratch. Add, remove, or reorganize the assignment’s contents as much as you wish.