Writing Assignments

Create your own writing assignments – covering whatever topic or using whatever writing prompt you want! Students can use Connect’s online editor to do their writing. Or if more convenient, they can do their writing offline, save in .doc or .docx format, and then import the file into the online editor for final refinement and submission.
Grade efficiently
Give comprehensive feedback with Connect’s commenting capabilities. For all submissions composed or imported online, you can leave comments that highlight the exact text you want to address, plus give overall comments and a score.
Connect memorizes your comments so you don’t have to
Connect stores your most-used inline comments, and will anticipate the comment you want as you begin to type. Simply select that comment and you’re good to go, or keep typing if you want to say something different!
Or receive the submissions as an attachment!
If you prefer, receive submissions as an attachment, which you’ll download to review and then submit back to the student with your comments. For assignments you receive this way, you won’t have the benefit of Connect memorizing your comments, but you will have the familiarity of your word processor. How you want to receive submissions is your choice! You can even set up the assignment and let the students decide.